The Sydney Morning Herald: Youngsters face sport’s cut and thrust

Published in The Sydney Morning Herald on July 11, 2016


Australia’s best young fencers gathered in Marrickville for the national junior championships, which concluded on Sunday.

Twins Nicholas and Ethan Tastore, 14, from Sydney’s south, came first and second in last Wednesday’s Championship round.

“I was nervous going into it because there’s a lot of tough competition from Australia and even overseas,” said Nicholas, who beat his twin by two points.

“It was great to fence my brother in the final and represent our club well.”

More than 450 male and female fencers – some from New Zealand, Singapore and elsewhere in the world – participated in the event. Ethan, who claimed second place for the Under 15 boys, said that more people should get involved with the sport.

“We started fencing three years ago just for fun, and pretty much the first time I went, I fell in love with it,” he said.

“It’s not about who’s faster, stronger, or taller, it’s about who can outsmart their opponent. The underdog can win.”

Organisers said the annual event is often the starting point for future Olympians.



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