The Sydney Morning Herald: Sydney weather: rain, wind and large surf forecast

Published in The Sydney Morning Herald on July 8, 2016; co-authored by Megan Levy


A yacht was driven ashore at Manly Cove on Thursday afternoon by strong winds.

Sydneysiders look set for a soggy commute to end the working week, as an intense low pressure system off the NSW coast delivers widespread showers, wind and large and powerful surf conditions.

After Thursday’s heavy rainfall of up to 30 millimetres, conditions in Sydney will ease off on Friday with 5 to 10 millimetres expected to fall in the city’s eastern suburbs.

The city will see only 5 millimetres of rain, with showers easing off further towards the evening.

Light, cool winds are still expected for Friday, but gusts will be nowhere near as powerful as those on Thursday, which reached 25km/h.

A top of 17 degrees is forecast in the city and in the western suburbs on Friday.
Weatherzone senior meteorologist Brett Dutschke said that although most Sydneysiders would only be damp, some coastal areas could receive 20-millimetre falls.

“Friday’s showers are likely to be widespread right across Sydney as well, but it won’t be nearly as windy. The morning commute could still be a wet one though,” he said.

The Bureau of Meteorology said large and powerful surf conditions are expected on Friday, making conditions hazardous for coastal activities such as rock fishing, swimming and surfing.

Mr Dutschke said four-metre waves had been recorded off Sydney early on Thursday morning. Larger waves, measuring up to six metres, had been recorded near Batemans Bay on the NSW south coast, while surf conditions were smaller north of Sydney.

The damp and windy conditions were caused by an intense low pressure system off the NSW coast, Mr Dutschke said.

“As is often the case with these systems, they’re very large-scale and there are smaller features within them, and they are the features that bring the bursts of strong wind and intense rain,” he said.

“The smaller lows are a little bit nearer to the coast, and they are sending waves of intense wind and rain today.”

The weekend is forecast to be drier, with a shower or two expected on Saturday in the city and a possible shower on Sunday. A top of 19 degrees is forecast on both days.




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